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NZ Mega 2020 Event Geocoin (Copper ULE)

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This is a special Copper Uber Limited Edition version of the NZ Mega 2020 event geocoin.  Only 2 of this version are being minted, and only 1 is available for public sale so grab it now to have this unique coin in your collection!

Grab your official event geocoin for the NZ Mega 2020 event now, and secure your chance to keep an awesome memento of a great mega event.  Even better grab a few and release some into the wild while keeping one in your collection (precious!)...

The bold design features the event logo made up as a stained glass window with the colours of geocaching surrounding the Auckland Sky Tower and Harbour Bridge.  The back of the coin explains the significance of the year 2020 to New Zealand geocaching.

There are 7 editions of the NZ Mega 2020 event geocoin:
- Antique Bronze Standard Edition available for general purchase
- Antique Silver Limited Edition, only available to purchasers of Gold & Silver Supporter Packs

- Antique Gold Limited Edition, only available to purchasers of Gold Supporter Packs
- Special Black Very Limited Edition (25 minted)
- Special Gold Extremely Limited Edition (8 minted)
- Special Copper Uber Limited Edition
(this one) (2 minted)
- Secret "Prize" Limited Edition not available for purchase

Get in quick to secure your official NZ Mega 2020 event geocoin today!

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Out of Stock