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Jasmer Challenge Geocoin

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The infinite geocaching challenge. 

The Jasmer Challenge is a very unique and very ambitious geocaching adventure. The concept is simple: you must find at least one geocache that was placed in every month back to the start of geocaching in May of 2000. 

You then get to surf the waves of time, with an infinate challenge that adds every month!  The real challenge:  finding enough of those old caches to complete the grid!

To celebrate this infinite surfing expedition, grab this very unique and amazing Jasmer Challenge geocoin!  They are trackable at with a unique icon. 

Please note: These geocoins were produced with randomly generated activation codes. To retrieve the activation for your geocoin, click here. 

The original Jasmer Challenge was created by the geocacher jasmerb, and that challenge cache can be seen here.

Dimensions:  Approximately 1.75 inches in diameter.