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NZ Mega 2013 Event Coin - Gold VLE

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NZ Mega 2013 Gold limited edition geocoin


Designed by and minted as the event coin for the NZ Mega 2013 event.

This Antique Gold plated version of the coin was the special "very limited edition” of the NZ Mega 2013 event coin. This solid and heavy 2” square, 4mm thick, geocoin features an extremely high level of detail on both sides. On the front there is the event mascot “Pokey the Pukeko” along with the Auckland skyline and every Auckland suburb called out by name. The reverse side features a Maori carving inspired map of New Zealand along with a number of facts about Auckland and the event location.

The coin is fully trackable on and features a unique icon on the website.

Included with each coin is a coin copy trackable tag, with the same trackable code as the coin itself, so that you can choose whether or not to retain the coin in your collection and release the tag into the wild.

There are very limited numbers of this collectible geocoin remaining available so get in now to secure yours before you miss out!

Purchase of this geocoin directly supports the NZ Mega 2020 event.